PSD chair denies reshuffle list. What about JusMin Toader?


After chairman of the ruling Social Democrat Party Liviu Dragnea has met Education and Finance ministers in his office at Parliament on Thursday morning, Dragnea came out and said the discussions other topic than reshuffle.

Dragnea said he talked with the ministers and SocDem MPs about the new pensions law, and about the referendum on family due on October 6-7, urging the party to organize information campaigns for the population.

On the other hand, the PSD chairman denied the existence of any list with ministers who have to be reshuffled, voicing his astonishment that Justice minister Tudorel Toader has been also rumored among the ministers to go.

I didn’t understand why this topic has come out, why, all of a sudden, Tudorel Toader has become a topic?

Journalists replied to him that Gabriela Firea had said Toader is topping such a list with minister who might be replaced, with Dragnea retorting ironically:

Maybe Mrs. Firea has mistaken lists,” he argued, referring to the list with PSD members who were asking for his resignation.

„There is no such list on reshuffle. I also talked to Mr. Tariceanu… Minister Toader is taking a seat of PSD. So, the negotiation has been very clear when the government was established, there are four ministers assumed by ALDE- Energy, Environment, Liaison with Parliament and the Foreign Ministry,” Dragnea said.

Amid  rumours that Tudorel Toader and Teodor Melescanu are on the reshuffling list, ALDE has reacted a day ago, springing into the defence of its minister, Toader and FM Melescanu.

Sources quoted by Digi 24 TV private broadcaster say that ALDE has never agreed to replace the two ministers and furthermore it does not support an emergency ordinance on amnesty and pardon either.

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