PSD chair Dragnea: PSD has come out reinforced. We have four options for the PM position. No witch hunt

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The chairman of the Social Democrat Party Liviu Dragnea said that the party had come out reinforced from this action. “It hasn’t been easy. PSD and all of us have understood that there are pressures that this coalition should not carry its mandate through, but the party’s unity has been reinforced. The attempt of those trying to illegitimately seize the power has failed,” Dragnea stated. He claimed that the censure motion was a failed attempt of a political and business group to take over ruling, while saying that “some colleagues have been threatened with criminal records”.

The PSD chairman said they have a qualified majority and there is no question of majority to form a new Government. Dragnea said he has four options for the premier position, but he’ll present only one at Cotroceni presidential Palace on Monday.

We’ll hold a national executive committee and a meeting with the our parliamentary groups to forward a proposal to President Iohannis by Monday. We’ll first talk about the candidate for the PM position and after that we’ll Ok the ruling programme and the cabinet. I am convinced that Mr. Iohannis will be interested in Romania’s stability, he has given correct messages, I am convinced he will accept our proposal. I have four options for the PM position, but we’ll present only one at Cotroceni,” Dragnea stated.

Regarding Grindeanu’s statute in the party, the chairman said: “We are starting no witch hunt, we are not taking any revenge, but he is not a PSD member anymore, he has to take care with the ones with whom he had teamed up these days.”

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