PSD chair Dragnea warns PM Dancila not to forget why she’s running the gov’t

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In an interview for Adevarul Live, chairman of the Social Democrat Party (PSD, Liviu Dragnea, has announced he would analyse PM Viorica Dancila’s situations in terms of her relation with the ruling party, after elections. Dragnea said the same goes for any member of the Government.

We’re reviewing the situation after elections, and this is my advice not only for her (PM Dancila), but for anyone who happens to be in a government temporarily. They should not forget why they have been named there, to enforce the ruling programme that is overwhelmingly supported by Romanians. If each member of the Government remembers why he or she is there and does not consider that his/her head had grown by reaching a minister seat, then he/she will be a good and efficient minister,” Dragnea gave a stronglyworded reply when asked which are the relations of the party with the prime minister, considering that PSD has already toppled down two cabinets in the past two years.

The PSD leader stated that the party cannot remain “with an incomplete” government, considering that three ministries are currently run by interim ministers.

The statements come amid rumors that Liviu Dragnea aims at convincing PM Dancila to accept the reshuffle of her Cabinet through a vote in Parliament, so that Eugen Nicolicea, one of Dragnea’s main men, to get to be appointed as minister of Justice, without needing President Iohannis’ green light for that. The head of state had openly voiced his opposition against Nicolicea.

Sources within PSD reveal that PM Dancila is pressed to accept the reshuffle, and that she is still opposing.

On the expected sentence in the fictitious hiring file

On the other hand, Dragnea commented on the postponed verdict in his trial, saying he is not nervous about the ruling the Supreme Court is about to pronounce on May 27 and claiming there is no evidence in this file to incriminate him.

„I have not been nervous for a long time, for I am completely innocent. We’ll see what the court will rule. Nobody can stop speculation with these coincidences. CCR and the Supreme Court had to rule in a pretty clear case on the same day”, he argued.

Questioned if there is a link between elections and that ruling, Dragnea said: „ It’s not me who should make a connection (…) What I have noticed lately (..) There is no more talk about rulings based on evidence, for there is no evidence, there is no more talk about rulings that must consider the Constitution and the laws, but only about political decisions”.

PSD candidate for Presidency to be announced Sunday night

Also asked if he made up his mind about running for Presidency, Dragnea said PSD will make the announcement on Sunday night, May 26, after EP elections.

After elections. We’ll announce right on Sunday night,” he told Adevărul Live, also seizing the opportunity to slam the incumbent President Klaus Iohannis.

“If Iohannis remains president yet other five years from now, (…) all that has been done good in Romania ends up in smoke”, the PSD leader stated.

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