PSD chair Liviu Dragnea: Some ambassadors ban our right to debate, next is to ban our right to think

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Chamber of Deputies speaker, Liviu Dragnea, also chairman of the ruling Social Democrat Party, has stated in Arad on Thursday that he is concerned over the fact that “some ambassadors” in Romania dare ban the rulers the right to start the debate over the justice laws’.

“I saw what were the attempts at CSM yesterday. And I am concerned as well that some ambassadors in Romania dare ban us the right to start the debate. They remain to ban us the right to think,” Dragnea said.

I understood, everyone with his concerns. And I am concerned when ambassadors are going to the ministers every day to promote the interests of some foreign companies. Who knows, maybe someone thinks that maybe this too is corruption. For if you went to a minister to promote a company’s interests (….) you would have a problem,” the SocDem leader added.

He also stated he is concerned of the fact that prosecutors started arguing with judges.

“Do you know what is of interest for me, as PSD chair, as Chamber speaker and as deputy? To see what the magistrates’ associations and the Union of the Judges in Romania are saying. And I saw there is support out there,” Dragnea mentioned, adding that the final decision on the justice law amendments is at the Parliament.

Of course, the final decision is to be taken in Parliament, after a serious analysis and a serious, steady debate, and not an ardent one to serve the interest of one or another, not to subdue the idea of justice,” he concluded.

Both the US and German embassies in Bucharest voiced concern over the justice law amendments announced by the Justice Ministry.

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