PSD chairman: Criminal complaint against PM is a coup d’etat attempt. President is the full beneficiary of the parallel state

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Chairman of the Social Democrat Party, Liviu Dragnea has lashed out again at President Klaus Iohannis, saying on Friday that the complaint for high treason filed by PNL chairman Ludovic Orban against PM Viorica Dancila and against him is “not a serious accusation, it’s a crazy accusation”, stressing the complaint has been masterminded at Cotroceni Palace.

In my view, this complaint is a tool drafted at Cotroceni. When we have the text of this complaint, we will all see that it is conceived at Cotroceni,” Dragnea stated, adding that it has come following Klaus Iohannis’ threats against Viorica Dancila, in ‘the labs from Cotroceni’.

Klaus Iohannis’ desire is to brutally take over the ruling, passing over the democratic elections,” Dragnea added.

One can notice that we cannot have any relation with the head of state, we cannot have relations with someone who considers himself <the daddy> of this country,” the PSD leader argued.

Impeachment, not a stake hough, says PSD chair

On the other hand, Dragnea accused president Iohannis that he “had sat at the same table with a state which is not yer recognized by Romania-Kosovo” during the recent EU-Western Balkans summit and that the president had neither made any announcement about the topics discussed at the summit.

We don’t know anything, has he taken any decision there, has he promised something in Romania’s name? We have no idea. His only concern while was there was to ask for the prime minister’s resignation one more time and attack the government and PSD once again,” said Dragnea.

However, the chairman of the ruling party mentioned that the Social Democrats’ stake is not to impeach president Iohannis, but warned they would not sit back and do nothing.


“The impeachment is not our stake. Now, more important is Romania and its stability, even if Klaus Iohannis doesn’t believe that. But this doesn’t mean we’ll just sit back and do nothing. This will not happen!,” Dragnea concluded, yet avoiding to say what the party will actually do.
‘President asked PM to break off with the party’, Dragnea claims

Dragnea has started the attack as of Thursday, saying that the criminal complaint filed against PM Viorica Dancila on Thursday is „a coup d’etat attempt” and „a violent, undemocratic action of Iohannis and of those who support the president”. Moreover, Dragnea claimed that President Ioahnnis had asked PM Dancila during a meeting to collaborate only with him and to „break off with the party”.

The SocDem leader also said that the head of state is „the full beneficiary of the parallel state’s actions”.

His allegations come after Iohannis had asked for the Prime Minister’s resignation once again and after PNL chairman Ludovic Orban had filed a criminal complaint against Viorica Dancila over the Gov’t memorandum on embassy relocation to Jerusalem.

Klaus Iohannis is the full beneficiary of the parallel state and he wants to perpetuate this situation for, as he said a while ago, he feels comfortable with this situation. I think he also feels comfortable with those six houses he has, and with the fact that the court has proved he had stolen one of the houses, he had obtained it through false papers,” Dragnea told Romania TV.

According to the PSD chairman, President Iohannis told PM Dancila to collaborate only with him and to break off with the party „step by step” for otherwise she will be the only one to pay. „All this plan aims at destabilizing Romania. We cannot watch as spectators before a man who is willing to blow up this country only because the prime minister has not accepted to become a faithful servant,” he pointed out.

As for the criminal complaint filed by the Liberals against Dancila, Dragnea said that Presdient Iohannis was actually the one who had filed the complaint, as „Ludovic Orban is a pathetic tool.” „When I said on Monday the president has made a mafia like threat, he contradicted me. The reality proved I was right. You don’t do what we are telling you to do, we file a criminal complaint against you (…) This action looks like a coup d’etat attempt, namely to take over the power in an illegitimate way.”

The Social Democrat leader underlined that PM Dancila has the full support of the party, while adding that PSD „is not a party consisting of goofy, coward people who have the head down for Iohannis and his servants to cut it off”.

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