PSD claims law provides separate voting stations for European elections and referendum. Opposition: attempt to block ballot


The social-democrats want separate voting stations for the European elections and for the referendum. PSD Deputy Mircea Draghici claims the laws provides separate voting stations. However, argues that the referendum law, article 15, provides that when two ballots are expected simultaneously, they are organized by the same voting stations.

Thus, article 1 reads that ‘when a referendum takes place simultaneously with the electoral process for electing the Chamber of Deputies or the Senate, for electing the President of Romania or for European Parliament or local elections, the referendum ballot is organized by Law no.35/2008. (…), Law 67/2004 and Law 33/2007.’

But article 2 provides that ‘in the situation of article 1, both electoral ballots take place in the same voting stations and the electoral process is completed by the same electoral offices, established by the law.’

The referendum law was amended in 2009, when the referendum for unicameral Parliament took place concomitantly with the presidential election. The decision was made, as two years before, in 2007, at the first elections for European Parliament, the then President Traian Basescu called a referendum on uninominal vote and the Government decided to organize separate voting stations – the referendum did not meet the needed quorum.

Opposition says PSD want to block ballot

The Opposition charges PSD it wants to block the ballot for referendum by organizing separate voting stations.

“They have no grounds. Any attempt to amend the law we consider as an attempt to limit the right to vote,” PNL leader Ludovic Orban said.

In turn, USR leader Dan Barna says “it is an attempt to block the citizens’ right to express their opinion, by imposing bureaucratic limits, with voting stations for European elections in buildings and the ones for referendum in some annexes to the building. It’s the classical PSD despair, which claims to govern for the people, but want to hide away from the citizens who boo them in the street.”


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