PSD Congress nailed for June 29. PM Dancila to run for party’s top position, Serban Nicolae announces candidature for Presidency

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Social Democrats are convening again on Thursday to discuss preparations for the announced extraordinary Congress in June 29 that will elect a new party leadership. 3,000-4,000 members are expected to attend.

Prime Minister Dancila announced that she would run for the position of chairman of the Social-Democratic Party. “Yes, I am determined to run for I can bring a balance at present. I can unite PSD organisations and we can boost mobilisation for the presidential election. It is important what we can do in the coming period so that PSD could win elections”, Dancila said.

At the same time, senator Serban Nicolae has announced his intention to run for Presidency, as sources within the party disclosed. Serban Nicolae is known for his arguable actions to amend the justice laws to decriminalize graft deeds and for controversial statements defending the politicians who had pending corruption files or legal problems.

PM Dancila said the same principle at the congress will be also applied to the presidential election. “Each colleague who intends to run will announced before the Executive Committee, we’ll conduct opinion polls and the best ranked will represent PSD in election”, she pointed out.

However, she argued that the candidate for Cotroceni will not be decided within the PSD Congress on June 29, but in a separate congress. She added that internal polls to establish this candidate will also include deputy Liviu Plesoianu, who had voiced his intention to run for Presidency some time ago.

Dancila also said there had been no discussion to endorse a common candidate with ALDE.

Former secretary general Codrin Stefanescu announced in a separate turn that Olguţa Vasilescu, Liviu Pleşoianu, Şerban Nicolae, Eugen Teodorovici and Gabriela Firea are among the names rumored inside PSD as potential candidates for Cotroceni

Row over congress delay

Sources from the party had previously revealed to media that PM Viorica Dancila and local PSD leaders Marian Oprisan (Vrancea) and Niculae Badalau (Giurgiu) will be the trio to run for the party’s top positions.

If some party members such as Marcel Ciolacu or Paul Stanescu lobbied for the delay of the congress, arguing it is no hurry, PM Dancila has stood her ground, saying there will be no postponement, claiming that a decision has already been taken in this regard within the past National Executive Council.

The congress will definitely not be delayed, decisions are already taken, and they will not change by any means. A serious party is one that observe decisions,” Dancila said before the Executive Council in Thursday.

In his turn, PSD vice-president Marian Oprisan stated that he won’t agree a potential delay of the congress, arguing the Social Democrats won’t change their mind and the decision taken by the Executive Committee must be respected. Oprisan also announced that PSD would kick off polls to find who is the best ranked to run for Presidency. “PSD has the duty to the Romanians to find the best presidential candidate,” he said.

On the other camp, Marcel Ciolacu, Liviu Dragnea’s successor at the helm of the Chamber of Deputies, as well as resigning deputy PM Paul Stanescu, have voiced their opinions that the congress should not be held on June 29.

Ciolacu argued he had said his opinion before. “I have not agreed the Congress. I did my job the last time”, Ciolacu told journalists.

At the same time, the rumored trio to run for the PSD top positions, Dancila-Oprisan-Badalau has been opposed by some members, such as district 3 mayor Robert Negoita.

Asked to comment on the Dancila-Oprisan-Badalau team, Negoita replied: “May I abstain? …A nightmare”, adding that the Government is the one who has stolen the funds of the city halls for the past three months.

“I don’t want to get into details, this scenario is indeed a nightmare”, he argued.
In her turn, Bucharest general mayor Gabriela Firea, also at odds with the former and current interim leadership of the party, who is not able to attend the Congress as she is to undergo a surgery on the same day, has sent a message from London to her party fellows convened for the Executive Committee on Thursday. While in London today for a medical check, Firea posted some photos on Facebook, with the hashtag “I’ll be back”.

Election of the party chairman procedure to be amended

The PSD members will decide within the CExN today on amending the party statute, namely to amend the article stipulating the election of the party chairman.

According to the PSD secretary general Rodica Nassar, the party will amend the article stipulating that the president is elected by the votes of the majority of the members, and the same goes for the presidential candidate. “A representation rate will be set for every organisation“, Nassar explained.

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