PSD drafted the censure motion to be filed in Parliament next week, proposes doctor Rafila as PM

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The Social Democratic Party (PSD) has drafted the text of the censure motion to be tabled in Parliament next week. The motion is entitled “Failed Romania. Citu Government’s <fantastic> record”. PSD chairman Marcel Ciolacu said today that, if the Citu Cabinet is toppled down next week, the party’s proposed PM is doctor Alexandru Rafila and that the government might be a minority one.
“Alexandru Rafila is our proposal for the Prime Minister position,” said Ciolacu. Asked about what parties might form a new Cabinet, he replied that it could be a minority government, as they ruled out any collaboration with the Liberals (PNL).

Questioned why they haven’t talked to AUR to sign the motion before it is filed, Ciolacu said: “We have our strategy in the party and we’ll do it inside the party”.

PSD is accusing the incumbent ruling coalition government “of taking the country to a precipice at an amazing speed” and that the Romanians’ standard of living is collapsing.

PSD claims that “prices have exploded”, while “the Romanians’ pockets are empty”. “The bills have doubled, the basic food has become luxury good, essential medicines are either missing or they are very expensive. The EUR/RON exchange rate has reached RON 5, while the gas liter is higher than RON 6. Only <fantastic things>”, reads the censure motion.

In order to pass, the censure motion needs to lure the vote of 234 MPs, meaning half plus one of the number of all mandates.

At present, the chances for the censure motion to pass and the government to be toppled down are small, for the Opposition parties, PSD and AUR only sum up 203 votes (PSD-157, AUR-46).

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