PSD, Dragnea slam President Iohannis for challenging the budget law to the CCR


After President Iohannis announced on Friday he won’t promulgate the 2019 state budget law, Social Democrats have slammed the head of state, accusing him of hypocrisy. More precisely, PSD is accusing President Iohannis that, by challenging the budget law to the Constitutional Court, he is preventing local authorities from making investments, including Liberal mayors and children from getting higher allowances.

„Iohannis has blocked all new investments at local level. No mayor and president of county council can start new investments because of the president who referred the budget law to the Constitutional Court. So, due to his obsession to attack and block PSD, Iohannis is making things difficult even for the mayors from the party that is endorsing him for the presidential elections,” PSD says in a Facebook post.

Social Democrats also argue that, ultimately, it will be the citizens that will suffer the most.

„If his complaint to CCR is denied, Iohannis will have to apologize to all children and parents who haven’t received increased allowances as of March 1 and to all the citizens who are waiting for investments in their cities and counties!,” claims the PSD post.

In his turn, PSD chairman PSD Liviu Dragnea stated that President Klaus Iohannis and the Liberals are hypocrites, as by challenging the budget law to CCR the children whose allowances will not be increased as of March 1 will be affected.

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