PSD – EC cross talk on the potential 5-judge panels GEO. PSD’s comparison to political prisoners slammed

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After the European Commission underlined on Friday that it is important that final rulings are not challenged anymore as it is „an essential component of the rule of law” amid debate on a potential emergency ordinance on the five-judge panels, the ruling Social Democrat Party has retorted that abuses against human rights should not be either forgotten.

In a Facebook post , PSD said that human rights are not optional and that in 2009 the Romanian state has started a fair rehabilitation process regarding the political convictions during the communist regime.

We appreciate the fact that the EC representatives voiced their opinion to the possibility of a GEO on the illegal panels of the High Court.

We remind though that abuses against human rights cannot be overlooked in any European state. The same as the political sentences before 1989 could not ignored and were abolished by democratic Romania, so we cannot be indifferent when three decades later we see that human rights have been violated again.

In any other EU member state, like Germany, the Netherlands, Italy or France, if there had been trials led by illegally constituted judge panels or sentences based on illegal secret protocols, the convicted would have been immediately exonerated”, says the ruling party.

To the same extent, the principle is the same: the right of some citizens to a fair and legal trial has been violated, and in 2099 the Romanian state has decided a fair rehabilitation.

The difference is that nobody has challenged the law to the Constitutional Court back then, nobody has complained about Romania in Brussels that the independence of judiciary has been attacked (…) What are we doing with the human rights today? Do we still consider them or do we put then into brackets?”, PSD added.

European Commission spokesperson, Christian Wigand, has stated on Monday that it is important that final rulings in court could not be challenged and that observing the final rulings is an essential component of the rule of law.

On Monday PSD asked that clarification is needed on the ways to collect data for drafting the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) and requests the European Commission rigour in connection to the concerns expressed by the magistrates’ associations in Romania regarding erroneous statements in the reports.

Tough criticism against comparison to political prisoners

After PSD compared the anti-communist political prisoners to the offenders sentenced for corruption nowadays, USR senator Vlad Alexandrescu slammed the ruling party’s Facebook post, urging it to stop comparing the victims of the communism to the communists’ heirs.

“PSD, stop comparing yourselves with the victims of the communism! You are not victims, but aggressors, you are the heirs and the extension of communists! Your message today is despicable. How dare you the memory of those who suffered and died in the communist camps? How can you think that there is any resemblance between you and them? From politicians to ordinary peasants, they were imprisoned as they fought for their rights. Your sentences and trials are for stealing the public money, for bribery and influence peddling”,  Vlad Alexandrescu retorted on Facebook.

In his turn, the president of the Association of the former Political Prisoners has toughly criticised the PSD’s comparison, saying it is “a proof either of ignorance or of bad faith”.

Any comparison nowadays with the political prisoners of the communist regime is a proof either of ignorance or of bad faith. Back then, we used to be beaten, tortured, chained, starved and lacking minimum conditions of sanitation and medical assistance. To draw a parallel between the life behind bars nowadays and the one back then is a rude offense against us. In the summer of 1959 it was the year with the highest density and mortality in the history of Gherla penitentiary. We were four inmates per square meter, not one inmate per four sqm. This social category of the former political prisoners was and remained humiliated through the so-called moral compensation granted to us“, Octav Bjoza told

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