PSD Iasi leaders, booed – seek refuge in PNL offices

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The Social-democrat leaders from Iasi faced a hilarious situation on Wednesday – being booed by the citizens in the street, they sought shelter in the nearby PNL offices.

PSD Iasi chairman, Maricel Popa, was walking in the street with a group of social-democrat members, when the passersby began to shout at them and to boo them. “People were tooting, booing, there were dozens, hundreds, a spontaneous protest,” PNL Iasi leader Costel Alexe said for

Alexe recalled that the PSD leader, Maricel Popa, entered the PNL offices to get away from the angered people, but he and his colleagues were shown out.

“They stayed several minutes, my colleagues went to them and told them to leave the PNL offices. They went out and walked away. It’s obvious we could not welcome them with hot tea. The happening is real. My colleagues told them they should not be here, they should go out and explain the citizens of Iasi the non-accomplishments of the PSD-Dragnea government for our county,” the PNL Iasi chairman said.

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