PSD incurs another plagiarism case

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After the plagiarism case of PSD president and Prime Minister Victor Ponta, another similar one is now taking shape inside Social Democrats’ camp. Thus, the University of Bucharest (UB) requests the National Ethics Council to check the PhD dissertation of Craiova’s Mayor Olguta Vasilescu, obtained in 2007 at the Faculty of Sociology. The dissertation is under plagiarism suspicion as many passages are unquoted and the seventh chapter is fully copied.

Vasilescu’s doctoral thesis is entitled “Vilfredo Pareto’s contribution to the development of modern sociology” and was presented by the mayor of Craiova in 2007 at the Faculty of Sociology. “The Commission has discussed this case in 2013, but it was not able to rule in at that time, for objective reasons,” shows the notification sent by the University of Bucharest on December 18 to the National Ethics Council of Scientific Research, Technological Development and Innovation.

The Commission stated that it requested an experts report on this suspicion.

UB stated that the National Ethics Council (CNE) was called to carry out checks in this case as, according to GEO 28/2011, only CNE can examine suspicions of deviations from the scientific and research conduct for political appointees.

At the same time, the Ethics Commission of the University of Bucharest has sent Vasilescu a notice that it took action regarding her doctoral thesis and that it asked CNE to check it for plagiarism suspicion.

In her turn, Olguta Lia Vasilescu has reacted on Friday at the allegations of plagiarism of her doctoral thesis, having said that her work is 100 per cent original, this being the reason she decided to defend her public image by suing, for defamation, Cosima Rughinis, PhD Lecturer Professor at the Faculty of Sociology.

Olguta Vasilescu is the mayor of Craiova since June 2012, previously having been PSD senator.

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