PSD interim leader admits Viorica Dancila’s presidential bid was a bad call

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PSD interim leader Marcel Ciolacu admitted the decision of Viorica Dancila to run for Presidency had been a bad decision. Ciolacu told Antena 3 on Sunday evening that chances would have been different if PSD agreed on a common candidate with ALDE. In his view, PSD hasn’t managed to get over the vanity of having its own candidate.
“Now, I have been among the supporters of Mrs Dancila to become the party chairwoman, but her decision to run for Presidency was a bad one (…) She should have come and said: even if you want me to run, I won’t. It as a little bit of conservatism”, Ciolacu said.

He added that PSD should have taken a braver decision and even have a common candidate with their former ruling partners, ALDE, saying though that PSD could not get over the pride of having its own candidate for Presidency.

On the other hand, Ciolacu rejected the assumption supported by the PSD secretary general, Paul Stanescu that there would have been a pact between Dancila and Iohannis for Dancila to run.

No. It was just a bad decision. Sometimes, you end up as the prisoner of the ditch you’re digging for. We are all digging. I repeat, it is the chairman’s call. He/she is assuming a candidature or not. That’s why, I think Mrs. Dancila’s resignation was justified”, Ciolacu stressed.

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