PSD interim leader Liviu Dragnea: Someone in PSD has betrayed me and Victor Ponta

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Social-democrat interim leader Liviu Dragnea said on Friday there was a person within PSD that ‘betrayed’ him and Victor Ponta, adding that his recent message posted on Facebook was mostly for PSD colleagues and not for Ponta, who understood the situation.
Avoiding offering more details, Dragnea said “there is someone who betrayed me and Victor.”
Regarding his comments on Facebook on Friday about his relationship with Victor Ponta, Dragnea said he felt the need to explain it to his colleagues, as he had already discussed the situation with Victor Ponta, who understands it. “I have been very honest and I don’t want to say the same things every day, Victor Ponta remains my friend. I will do nothing against him, by deed or by thought,” Dragnea said.
Liviu Dragnea wrote on his Facebook page a message about his ‘friendship’ with Victor Ponta. He wrote that, although the PM is one of the few he really cares about, the relationship between them lately seems to ‘have cooled off’ after Ponta’s wrongheaded gestures, when he left ‘the rules of friendship’.

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