PSD interim leader proposes long term development strategy

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Social Democrat interim chairman Liviu Dragnea on Friday proposed a pact for Romania’s development strategy for the next 20-30 years to all political parties. While attending the Summer School of the Social Democrat women in Mamaia, Dragnea said that “Traian Basescu age”, “a war age” has ended, and the incument president “doesn’t seem to want political wars at any costs”.

Dragnea unveiled he wanted a long term political truce which should lead to achieving a plan of strategic development.

“I want to promote the idea of a political pact of all the political forces in order to be able to achieve a plan of efficient and strategic development of this country for the next 20-30 years,” Dragnea said.

“I really want us to enter a new political age. Traian Basescu age, an age of war, has ended, we are at a moment of inflexion. We have a president who doesn’t seem to want political wars at all costs, let’s use it. I hope the president will understand, I hope that we all understand, as party leaders and members, that  all this permanent political war at any cost and with small stakes does is to affect this country’s future,” Dragnea said.

PSD interim leader also said that in four-five years, the party could give a female premier, and then Romania “will have a beautiful premier married to a man”. “No that Victor Ponta is not a young nice boy,” he added.

ALDE co-president, the Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated in retort to Dragnea’s proposal that Romania needs a long term project and that after joining NATO and EU, Romania is making do with little, although it might assume ambitious goals, and it is now “touching pitch”.

In his turn, UNPR president Gabriel Oprea said that a development strategy for 20-30 years is “a very good idea” and he will support this project with all strengths.

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