PSD leader Dragnea attacks President Iohannis during Suceava rally, also gets negative reactions from the crowd

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During an electoral rally in Suceava, ruling PSD leader Liviu Dragnea has launched a new attack against President Klaus Iohannis, hinting he might run for Presidency, but he also faced some incidents. More precisely, Dragnea was annoyed by two men, one refused to shake hands with the PSD leader, calling him “a thief”, while the other gave him a tough retort during the politician’s speech.

Liviu Dragnea met the people in the crown at the beginning of the meeting, shaking hands and speaking to them. At some point, one of the men Dragnea wanted to shake hand with said “I don’t shake hands with thieves”.

People came with Romania’s and European Union’s flags and with banners featuring the photos of the PSD candidates for EP and with pro-PSD messages.

During his speech on stage, the PSD chairman said at some point, while criticising the former governments of the opposition and President Iohannis “Think…tens of years they have not been interested in the Romanian village. What have we done?”, “Nothing“, replied a voice from the crowd. Visibly annoyed, Dragnea replied to the man: “You are nothing, let me get this straight. Hold on and I’ll tell you what we have done, you liar! We increased salaries fr the doctors, as it has never been the case in Romania…”, etc.

Some video footage released by Realitatea TV later on in the evening showed some Social Democrat leaders going down in the crowd and bullying the man who answered to Dragnea.

Further on during his speech, the PSD chair told the audience that Romania must be released “from this tick called Iohannis” at the presidential elections this year.

As for him, Dragnea avoided to say clearly if he will run for the President seat, stating that he will announce that “at the right time”, asking the Social Democrats to focus on the European elections, as several PSD organisations said they want him to run for Presidency.

“I will answer to you when it is the right time if I run, but let’s focus on the European elections. You have nothing to be afraid of, our fight is for the truth,” Dragnea said.

He further accused President Iohannis that he is not defending his country and that he’s just following orders, arguing he might have let PSD at the helm of Cotroceni, SRI or DNA, but he didn’t want that.

We are fighting some perverts , people who hate Romania and have sold piece from this country. They are pulling from all sides. They kicked my back a little bit, but it is still straight. I cannot turn into a snowdrop. Do you think I would have liked to do like others did who left us? One who left and owed you everything, including his last positions. I could have stayed at home with Irina (editor note: Irina Tanase, his lover), eat popcorn and say take it directly to SRI, DNA, Cotroceni (…)”, Dragnea said.

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