PSD leader Liviu Dragnea wants Gov’t reshuffle, threatens again PM Cioloș with a censure motion

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Social-democrat President Liviu Dragnea has claimed on Friday he expects PM Dacian Cioloș to take action and reshuffle several ministers, adding that “the censure motion can be filed and submitted very easily.” However, Dragnea hasn’t mentioned a deadline for such a step.
“I don’t want to talk about deadlines, maybe the prime minister will operate several reshuffles, and maybe he has understood some people cannot remain in their offices, maybe he changes his attitude. (…) I don’t know what Dacian Cioloș is going to do. (…) If some draft bills will be promoted, if we think they are good, we would vote them, if we think they’re not right, we won’t,” Dragnea said according to
Nevertheless, Dragnea stressed that, if the Premier does not understand to reshuffle the cabinet, and will keep in position all the cabinet members, then sooner or later the reaction will be against the entire executive.
“If he understands, then it means he will quickly conduct several changes in the cabinet, if not, sooner or later the reaction will be against his entire cabinet. I am saying this just once: Prime Minister Cioloș would have to replace several ministers. He has all the levers in hand. The decision is his, I am not the one to decide on the government. But, as many others, I have some dissatisfactions on some of the ministers. If he doesn’t, then it’s his problem. We are waiting to see if he conducts a reshuffle or other issues. If he doesn’t do it, the censure motion can be filed very quickly and very easily, the problem is what happens the next day. I don’t know, maybe we go to Cotroceni Palace again,” Dragnea said.
Dragnea’s reaction follows the decision on Thursday, when the cabinet replaced 19 prefects after the prime minister had asked the Interior minister to present an assessment of their activity.
The Executive also ordered that at least three deputy prefects should be released from duties.
Last week, the Government spokesperson Dan Suciu heralded significant changes among prefects, after the Executive had analysed their reaction capacity and their will to get involved or not in the electoral campaign. Suciu explained that the new prefects would be appointed without any contest, as the time is short.
In order to file a censure motion, PSD needs to collect 137 signatures from the MPs. In order to get the non-confidence vote, 273 ballots are needed from Senators and Deputies.

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