PSD leaders in Transylvania call on Chairman Dragnea to urgently summon the Executive Committee – scandal should be solved quickly

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Social-democrat leaders in Transylvania make an appeal to leader Liviu Dragnea to urgently summon the party’s Executive Committee. The request was made on Saturday by the branches leaders, after a sitting that lasted several hours. They argue that the scandal within the party should be solved quickly. The announcement was made by PSD Vice-chairman, Gabriel Zetea, after the sitting of PSD organizations in Transylvania, reports.

“We’ve has a sitting this afternoon with the colleagues in Transylvania that lasted several hours. Each one had an opinion and arguments about the direction we should head to over short, medium and long term. I was glad to find out that their opinions are very much alike mine and we have agreed that from now on we should talk, the members of PSD in Transylvania,” PSD Maramures chairman Gabriel Zetea wrote on Facebook.

He claims that the PSD branches in Transylvania support ‘without reserves’ the Government.

“We support without reserves the PSD-ALDE Government and the implementation of the governing programme. All the attacks and public disagreements between leading PSD members in Bucharest should cease immediately, so that we focus on the governing results and to keep up with our promises made in 2016 to Romanians. We request Chairman Liviu Dragnea to summon as soon as possible the sitting (or as many sittings as needed) of the Executive Committee to clarify the possible discontents of some colleagues. PSD is a democratic party and everyone has the right to express points of view, but we wish the discontents are discussed in statutory sittings of the party and not in the media,” Zetea wrote.

He has told Digi 24 TV private broadcaster that such discussions are concerning for many PSD simple members, who regard the tensions as bringing uncertainty and do not agree with the disputes between the Bucharest leaders. “It is important that such disputes cease quickly, to remember what we promised in 2016, that we have a governing programme to implement. If we continue these political disputes, we will break our promises and we cannot accept this,” Zetea said.

He added that that no alternative to Liviu Dragnea is considered.

“Liviu Dragnea is the party chairman, the elected chairman that led us in 2016 and I am convinced everybody considers there is no other alternative, a person that would do more than he does. This is out of the question,” Zetea concluded.

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