PSD leaders start internal fight. Dancila to allegedly resign

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One day after Viorica Dancila has lost the presidential election, the Social Democrats started to ask for her resignation and to launch criticism against her and her electoral campaign staff.

Viorica Dăncilă has summoned the National Executive Committee meeting for Tuesday at 18:30 allegedly to ask local leaders for explanations for the poor results in the presidential election countrywide, while, on the other hand, the local party barons will ask for her resignation over the election failure.

Sources told mass media that the Social Democrat leaders have convened in an informal meeting at the Parliament on Monday evening to discuss the future of the party. The meeting comes after a meeting the Chamber Speaker Marcel Ciolacu had with Viorica Dancila and after he allegedly convinced her to step down, reports. The PSD chairwoman is expected to announce her resignation within the PSD CEx on Tuesday.

Officially, Marcel Ciolacu, said about the meeting with Dancila that it was “a calm, productive talk”.

Other sources quoted by Digi24 claim that Ciolacu would have promised Viorica Dancila a MP seat starting 2020 and the leadership of the PSD Women’s Organisation.

Harsh criticism

Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea has harshly criticised Viorica Dăncilă for giving Gabriel Oprea a right to vote in the PSD Executive Committee, while also hinting criticism regarding the failure in the presidential election. “I definitely separate myself from this! God, do you really want us to get out of history on the back door?“, Firea said in a Facebook post.

Firea accused that the PSD leadership, namely Viorica Dancila, has put to vote a controversial proposal through which some trade union leaders have become vice-presidents with a right to vote in the party, under the false pretext of an agreement with the trade unions.

“I hear now that other controversial people got stuck not to us, in bulk and with oversight,” Firea argues, also referring to certain politicians like Gabriel Oprea.

UNPR chairman Gabriel Oprea was at the PSD’s head office on Sunday night after the exit polls announced the first results in the presidential election. Later on, Viorica Dancila explained that the former Interior minister is now vice-president entitled to vote in the party’s executive committee, a position obtained as trade union leaders after PSD had signed a collaboration protocol with some trade unions.

PSD secretary general Mihai Fifor said Gabriela Firea “is perfectly right” when denouncing the way Gabriel Oprea and some trade union leaders had ended up in being promoted at the helm of PSD, arguing that there are also other food people inside the party who should be promoted.

„Gabi Firea is perfectly right! We cannot start re-building PSD with people who have nothing to do anymore with what should this party become. It would be a contradictions with the word <reform>. PSD cannot afford anymore to let down its voters indefinitely.  We must start promoting a new political lining, able to provide a credible, truly promising perspective. We have many good people in the party, who were here and fought and who can be promoted at the top of the PSD anytime”, Fifor posted on Facebook.

PSD Giurgiu leader Eugen Badalau stated on Monday that the party must have a new reset, calling on the people who ran the electoral campaign for Presidency “to have the guts to assume the failure”.

“There is an only act in politics-resignation. Or elections, a congress. We don’t have other solutions. PSD must have a new start. That’s clear”, said Badalau.

The first PSD top member who took stance against Dancila was Marcel Ciolacu, speaker of the Chamber of Deputies. He said that the result in the presidential election is a “disastrous” one and that PSD needs a new start.

Let’s be honest, it is a disastrous result that comes after a similar bad result in the EP elections”, Ciolacu said on Facebook, adding that after the European elections and after the presidential ballot only analyses by county had been done, but nothing at central, national level.

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