PSD local branches start positioning for and against Liviu Dragnea


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PSD organizations start positioning themselves in favor or against chairman Liviu Dragnea whose resignation has been officially asked this week in a letter signed by Gabriela Firea, Adrian Tutuianu and Paul Stanescu.

PSD Timis, the branch of former PM Sorin Grindeanu, has voted on Thursday to endorse the anti-Dragnea letter. Sources said that there have been 90 votes to endorse the letter in the PSD Timis county executive committee, 11 abstentions and one vote against. The committee has been attended by the majority of PSD mayors and MPs in Timis county, and part of them have taken the floor in support for the letter asking for Dragnea’s resignation.

Calin Dobra, the interim chairman of PSD Timis has addressed the sitting, stating that „it’s time for a change”.

PSD deputy of Botosani, Razvan Rotaru, also said that Liviu Dragnea must take a step back. „We cannot accept that, because of some personal stakes, decisions are taken arbitrarily by only one person, and the freedom of speech is suppressed.” „I totally disapprove the leadership at central level and the one of the PSD Botosani organization. Things are not on the right track,” he argued.

The lawmaker considers that Liviu Dragnea must resign and claims that more and more Social Democrat branches in the country are joining the initiative.

On the other camp, chairman of PSD Bihor, Ioan Mang, stated that those 29 SocDem mayors in the country do not agree the resignation request against Dragnea.

In his turn, chairman of PSD Hunedoara, Laurentiu Nistor, revealed his organization decided to further support Liviu Dragnea for the party’s top position.

PSD Arad organization  announced on Facebook it still endorses Liviu Dragnea, arguing „he is the chairman legitimately elected by all party members”.

PSD branch in Alba county is still undecided about supporting Dragnea or not. The branch’s leader, Daniel Breaz, said they have not decided yet what stance to take regarding the resignation request and the organization will take a decision “on the spot” Friday at the National Executive Committee.

Plesoianu, harsh attack against the letter’s signatories

PSD MP Liviu Plesoianu, known for his tough stances against anyone who slammed the ruling coalition’s initiatives in the past two years, has taken a new harsh critical stance against anti-Dragnea letter, stating that whoever might take over the party, if they are not a tool for the system, they will surely become targets.

He claimed he is not interested in „any internal fights” and that he stayed away of any group in PSD. „I will never be <Firea’s man>, or <Dragnea’s man>. I am just a free man and I will remain this way”, he claims.


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