PSD National Council set for March 20-12. Ponta wants statute amendments, threatens to quit leadership. Dan Sova rejoins party


Social-Democrat President, Victor Ponta, threatened on Friday, after the meeting of the PSD National Executive Council (CExN) in Sinaia, he would give up the party leadership if the National Council will not adopt amendments to the party statute regarding the sanctions against party members who are at various stages in criminal trials. “I think if I go with a proposal to the National Council and most colleagues disagree with me, someone else should come, I cannot say that I am wrong, but go further on.”

The PSD National Council was called for March 20-12 and is expected to adopt radical decisions in regard to internal organisation, as well as to mentality, to internal and public activities.

“By the National Council we have to decide. Not everyone agrees with this, as you already know. I cannot say it’s a great consensus on this issue,” said Victor Ponta, who said he discussed the subject with “everyone”, including with the Constanta County Council President Nicu?or Constantinescu, who was against such measures.

“We confirmed on March 20 -2 the National Council, we will have to choose leadership structures – the President and political departments – to work in terms of our ideological contribution to the effort to modernize the Romanian society and voters’ representation by PSD, a centre-left party, our new strategy and new political project for 2015-2019 and to establish internal organization, meaning the national congress county and national conferences, to legalize the status changes and choose the PSD team to lead during 2016-2019 in the next electoral battles, “said Victor Ponta.

The National Council will name a new president to replace Adrian Nastase, currently not a PSD member.

“I talked with Mr. Nastase and even he told me that he understands the gesture and our normal respect for what he did as PSD president and as prime minister. But right now, the organization, the departments must be restarted. Certainly, most of us are now with from the government, the Parliament, local structures. A party needs a political internal structure, vibrant and dynamic,” Ponta said.

Local PSD ‘barons’ actually say that the party president is trying to save his office by sacrificing them. PSD CExN met Friday in Sinaia, to clarify the situation after the failure to win presidential elections, given there are lots of disputes between the central leadership and leaders of the territory to the measures to be taken to mitigate the loss of public image.


Codrin Stefanescu, appointed secretary general of PSD Bucharest. Leadership of districts 1 and 5, replaced


Deputy Secretary General of PSD Codrin Stefanescu was appointed on Friday by CExN as Secretary General of the PSD Bucharest, Agerpres informs. Stefanescu will lead PSD Bucharest organisation’s work along with the current leader Ecaterina Andronescu.

The same sources said the PSD leadership of district 1 and 5 organisations were dissolved. The interim leadership will be managed by deputies Dan Tudorache and Cristian Rizea.

CExN also decided to revoke the decision to exclude the PSD Dan Sova. Former minister Dan Sova PSD returns to the post of Vice-President.

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