PSD negotiates with all parties to secure endorsement for the censure motion

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While PSD is closing ranks to secure as much endorsement as they can for the announced censure motion, some voices in the party say that they actually do not intend to return to power. According to the PSD’s interim chairman Marcel Ciolacu, 115 signatures have been raised so far for the censure motion after the Government takes responsibility on electing mayors in two rounds.

SocDem MP Olguta Vasilescu state on Monday that PSD will negotiate with every party to secure endorsement at the vote. “All our colleagues have voted for the motion, UDMR will support us“, she said, adding that they are negotiating “with anyone”.

“All those who want to vote the censure motion are welcome. I hope there will be also MPs outside PSD and UDMR“, Vasilescu said.

On the other hand, interim secretary general Paul Stanescu argues that PSD should not return to power in the upcoming period, for “Romanians must know the measures taken by the Orban Gov’t that have nothing to do with their agenda”.

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