PSD, outraged: DNA should be rebuilt from the ground. Leaders call for Kovesi’s dismissal, Justice Minister says no point to wait for Judicial Inspectorate

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Social-democrat leaders have reacted promptly to the scandal involving the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) and its chief, Laura Codruta Kovesi, after the release of several recordings Sunday evening by former prosecutor Mihaiela Moraru Iorga and former Deputy Vlad Cosma. Most of the reactions call for Kovesi’s dismissal or make reference to the so-called ‘parallel state’.

PSD leader Liviu Dragnea: It’s political police

“I don’t want anyone to leave, everyone should leave when his time comes. The issue is much worse. It is not about somebody’s position, it’s about the bad practice, dangerous, undemocratic, of political police in Romania. This issue, if I want Kovesi to go – let Mrs. Kovesi be with DNA as long as she likes!” PSD leader Liviu Dragnea said on Monday.

He added that “it is not the first time I learn about people summoned by DNA for various files, it’s not the first time I learn they were asked to say something about me – people I had never talked to, but it’s the first time somebody says it publicly.”

Justice Minister, Tudorel Toader: It’s no use to wait for the Judicial Inspectorate

Justice Minister, Tudorel Toader, has said on Monday he will make a decision when he returns to Bucharest, there is no use to wait for the Judicial Inspectorate.

“I know there are expectations from me on this issue. I assure you there are no pressures, however. I will not notify the Judicial Inspectorate, it would take a long time to wait for the results. (…) If things are as they look, it’s better that people find out about how the criminal prosecution is being made, to see if the Constitution is observed in terms of benefit of the doubt. I have completed the report in the DNA activity,” Tudorel Toader has told Antena3 TV.

Minister Toader added he will return from the ongoing visit in Japan and will decide about the situation of DNA.

Asked about the dismissal of the DNA chief prosecutor, Toader said: “The report includes a measure.”

Deputy PM Paul Stanescu: Kovesi should resign

Deputy PM Paul Stanescu said on Monday, while at the PSD offices, that Laura Codruta Kovesi should resign.

“As I’ve seen it on TV, I believe Mrs. Kovesi cannot remain to run the DNA. I am not a specialist in the judicial field, but I believe she should resign in the first place,” Stanescu said, adding that PSD will release an official position in this regard.

Senator Serban Nicolae: DNA should be rebuilt from the ground

“We’ve learned that the anti-corruption fight is a selective one. If you caught a corrupt person, you did not sanction him, you tried to force him hand you another corrupt person, more interesting or important character. People, careers, families have been destroyed. If it were an anti-corruption fight, then all the corruption unveiled would have been sanctioned. We have reached a very serious moment as DNA should be rebuilt from the ground,” Senator Serban Nicolae said.

He showed that DNA is currently “deeply corrupt” and “profoundly affected by a very serious, internal disease”, given that the credibility of the institution has collapsed

PSD’s Codrin Stefanescu: The system is very sick

PSD Deputy Secretary General, Codrin Stefanescu, called on Justice Minister Tudorel Toader to take urgent measures, following the latest information revealed. “The system is very sick,” he said.

“I’ve waited for a reaction from the Justice Minister, it didn’t come. I wait for the Justice Ministry control body to do something. I appeal to Minister Toader: Tudor, do something, thins can’t go on like this! It’s no other place on the planet to register such odd things. (…) I don’t know if certain people should be dismissed, but something has to be done as things have gone wild in Romania,” Stefanescu said.

PSD Deputy Chairman, Ecaterina Andronescu: It’s terrifying

“What I saw last night it’s absolutely terrifying. I believe is should be sorted out. There are laws, honest people in this country to make normal decisions. The guilty ones should pay, the innocent should not be affected. The Minister of Justice should do what the law requests him to,” PSD Deputy Chairman Ecaterina Andronescu has said on Monday.

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