PSD, PNL argue over Constanta Port top position


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The replacement of the manager of Constanta Port has stirred up the pot inside the ruling coalition. The former director, Florin Goidea, endorsed by the Liberals was replaced by Florin Vizan, supported by the Social Democrats.
PSD chairman Marcel Ciolacu said that things were not going as they should have in the Port of Constanta and that Florin Goidea’s term had expired.
On the opposite camp, the leader of PNL Constanta, Bugdan Hutuca argued that the replacement was a political decision.
In a press conference, PSD chairman Marcel Ciolacu tried to justify the decision to replace the efficient director of Constanta Port and to disguise the directing behind this decision. I publicly ask PSD chairman to prove how “the disaster” in the Constanta Port looks like. What was the conclusion of the analysis reports over Florin Goidea’s management so that a decision was reached to politically replaced a successful manager with a person without any training in running an economic giant, of strategic importance for Romania? Goidea’s performance, investments, repairing and EU fund projects are probably barely seen behind the blacked-out windows of the PSD revolutionist,” Liberal Bogdan Huțucă posted on Facebook.

PSD chair Marcel Ciolacu stated on Tuesday that the director of the Port of Constanţa, Florin Goidea, was replaced after his mandate expired. Asked, at PSD headquarters, why the director of Constanța Port was changed, causing a scandal in the governing coalition, Ciolacu said: “I, personally, have never had any discussion regarding the division of Constanţa Port or other posts that they are not political. As far as I know, a mandate expired there and there was a change”.

The SocDem leader added that he was with the Minister of Transport in Constanţa Port and saw that things were not working as they should.

The new director of the Constanța Maritime Ports Administration National Company, Florin Vizan, was appointed in May to lead the Constanța Regional Directorate of Roads and Bridges.

Previously, he was active in the management of Petromin, CNAPMC and also at the Oil Terminal when he used to be part of the Liberal Democratic Party.

According to the local media, Vizan is a well-known businessman from the seaside, a close friend of the head of PSD Constanța, Felix Stroe. He has shares in several local companies. Vizan was also noted for his social, fashionable life. In 2018, paparazzi used to film him while partying at Nuba Club in Mamaia, while in 2020 a local newspaper from Constanta released a photo featuring Vizan driving a Rolls Royce Wraith, which is worth EUR 400,000.

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