PSD, PNL clash over Tax Code

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After president Klaus Iohannis turned down the new Tax Code on Friday, the ruling party clashed with the main opposition party over the code’s fate. The Social Democrat Party accused Liberals of double-dealing as they oppose the Tax Code measures now after they voted the draft in the Parliament. In retort, the National Liberal Party leaders vow their position is the same, with co-president Alina Gorghiu saying she would summon their colleagues from the summer recess if necessary.

PSD interim chairperson Rovana Plumb accused the members of “the new PNL” they are denying their own vote cast in Parliament, that they do not admit anymore they used to attend all consultations and debates in the parliamentary committees and that they voted for the Tax Code. PSD interim president did not rule out an extraordinary parliamentary session to emergently adopt the provisions of the Tax Code. However, any potential decision is to be decided following consultations within the ruling coalition. A first debate is expected on Monday.

“85 out of 86 Liberal MPs attending the Parliament sitting at the Tax Code adoption voted in favor. Romania’s Government is compelled to respect the Parliament’s vote and not the political options. That’s why Ponta Government has all legitimacy to come any decision, starting with promoting ordinances and continuing with assume responsibility in Parliament in order to implement provisions of the Tax Code,” Rovana Plumb told a press conference on Sunday.

PNL co-president Alina Gorghiu told Digi 24 that PNL’s position did not change and that she would summon her fellow lawmakers from the summer recess if an extraordinary parliamentary session was to be called.

Gorghiu said that PSD interim chairwoman’s attack is “ill-founded”. “I wish she won’t copy Victor Ponta’s speech and that she tries to preserve elegance when it comes to the political speech,” the Liberal co-president said.

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