PSD-PNL will have common candidates in the local elections in Timiș, Brașov, Bacău, District 1 and 5 in Bucharest


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The leaders of the Coalition took the decision in the meeting on Monday to go for the option of joint candidates for the local elections in the municipalities of Brașov (PNL candidate for the position of mayor) and Bacău (PSD candidate for the position of mayor), according to political sources. Also, in Timiș County, the Coalition will support a PSD candidate for the position of County Council President and a PNL candidate for Timișoara City Hall.

These cities have mayors members of USR, the opposition party.

Thus, the PNL will give its candidate to the Brașov City Hall, where it will fight with Allen Coliban, and the PSD to the Bacău City Hall, now led by Lucian Viziteu. And in Timiș County, an agreement was reached: Alfred Simonis will be the PSD candidate for the County Council, while Nicolae Robu will enter the race for Timișoara City Hall from the PNL to face Dominic Fritz.

However, PNL branches in Timiş voted unanimously against the electoral alliance with the PSD at the Extraordinary National Council of the PNL, convened on Sunday evening.

The same sources report that a liberal will be supported for the City Hall of District 1 and a social democrat for District 5. Also, the PNL and PSD leaders are analyzing the possibility of joint candidacies in Satu Mare and Mureș.

The decisions taken on Monday come after the manager of Bucharest University Hospital, Cătălin Cîrstoiu, was officially presented last week as the PSD-PNL candidate for the Capital City Hall.

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