PSD proposes Ecaterina Andronescu to take over Education portfolio. George Ciamba, Okayed for the European Affairs ministry

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Ecaterina Andronescu is the PSD’s proposal for the Education minister position, which has been vacant since the resignation of Valentin Popa at the end of September this year.

Upon leaving the PSD sitting on Tuesday, Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea confirmed Andronescu is the proposal for the Education ministry’s helm. Firea revealed there has been a unanimous vote for Andronescu.

I have voted that Ecaterina Andronescu should become minister of Education, it is very important to give a message that we have a professional leading this ministry,” Firea argued.

After Valentin Popa resigned, minister for EU Funds took over the interim term as Education minister, but her mandate is expiring on November 15.

Ecaterina Andronescu was Education minister during 2000-2003 in the PSD Cabinet, and also from December 2008 toll October 2009 and from July to December 2012.

George Ciamba, Okayed for the minister delegate for European Affairs

At the same time, Firea disclosed that George Ciamba, secretary of state within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been Okayed to replace Victor Negrescu as minister delegate for European Affairs.

In this case, there have been two abstentions: Gabriela Firea and Victor Negrescu, the resigning minister.

I didn’t understand the reasons of Negrescu’s resignation. He explained he had been stripped of certain powers and he hadn’t find that very collegial. I abstained from voting in Ciamba’s case”, Firea said.

Mass media reported that George Ciamba is close to PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea.

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