PSD relocates funds from intelligence to healthcare

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Although the state budget draft for 2019 issued last week revealed a surprise increase for the intelligence services, Social Democrat have announced that there will be actually less money for the intelligence services. In a Facebook post on Monday, the ruling Social Democrat Party says that the intelligence services, which have taken care more about illegal, secret protocols in the past years, will be fine with less money as well if they are restricting their activity strictly to the law.

MORE MONEY FOR THE CHILDREN’S HEALTH, LESS FOR THE UNHEALTHY PRACTICE OF THE INTELLIGENCE. PSD’s political decision was to put children first ahead the intelligence services, which have been taking care more about illegal protocol in the past years than about defending national security.

If they restrict their activity strictly to the duties confined by the law, they will be fine with less money as well, and the difference can be transferred to the national healthcare programmes for children,” reads the PSD Facebook post.

Their statement also comes after the party chairman Liviu Dragnea told a private broadcaster on Sunday evening that the intention is that a important sum of money should reach healthcare, for the programmes destined to children, such as giving vitamin D or for the diabetic schemes.

According to the 2019 budget draft, the budgets of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE), of the Protocol and Guard Service (SPP) and for the Special Telecommunications Service (STS) are up by 4.8% to 69% as against last year.

Therefore, the SRI budget points to RON 2.4 billion, 4.8% more compared to 2018. STS has the highest increase- RON 606 million, meaning up by 69%. SPP- RON 233 M, up by 20% and SIE-RON 309 M, 8.5% more.

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