PSD retains majority in the Chamber of Deputies, Marcel Ciolacu takes Dragnea’s seat


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Ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD) has scored their first victory after losing EP elections and following Liviu Dragnea’s conviction to prison, succeeding to preserve their majority in the Chamber of Deputies (Romanian Parliament’s lower chamber) as Marcel Ciolacu has just been elected as Liviu Dragnea’s successor. Ciolacu has been voted the new speaker of the lower chamber by 172 votes.

The Opposition’s candidate, Liberal Raluca Turcan obtained 100 votes, while UDMR’s Kelemen Hunor only 20 votes.

We have made many mistakes that cost us. We cannot fool around with the word democracy. You can topple down a government in a democratic manner through censure motion. I thank PSD group for nominating me. I have never had enemies in politics, only political foes”, Ciolacu said.

PSD’s win comes amid tensions in the ruling coalition after the Senate’s legal committee had approved, Wednesday morning, the request for waiving the immunity of Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu, ALDE chairman and PSD’s ruling partner.

Thus, ALDE voiced discontent over his leader’s facing waiving immunity and threatened not to vote the SocDem candidate for the lower chamber’s top position. PM Viorica Dancila has come to Parliament right away to appease spirits and, probably, amid her pledges on Tariceanu’s fate, ALDE has eventually voted for Marcel Ciolacu in the plenary session.

Sources told local media that Dancila would have assured ALDE that the Senate’s plenary session will vote against DNA’s request to start prosecution against Tariceanu.

Liberal candidate for this seat, Raluca Turcan, who secured the endorsement of USR and PMP yesterday, had pointed out that chances are small considering the parliamentary arithmetic, yet underlining that the fact there has been a common candidate of the opposition parties represents an action of political responsibility.

On the other hand, Turcan has slammed PSD-ALDE coalition from the Chamber’s tribune, accusing it of “having mutilated” the judiciary system, and that the parliamentary majority “has understood nothing from the vote the Romanian had given on May 26”.

The vote has been clear. Romanians have asked for their country back, they have convicted the huge scam of confidence that a group that has seized PSD-ALDE coalition has been providing us for the past two years and a half. If you consider the logic and arithmetic on my candidature, the chances are small. But is it a gesture of responsibility (…) You understood nothing, for otherwise you would have been civilised and would have respected the Opposition’s right. In this institution, direct pressures have been put on some MPs,” Turcan said, also denouncing blackmail and vote transactions ahead of the vote.

The chairwoman leading the session cut her microphone.

Liberal deputy Florin Roman has been also prevented to take the floor before the vote, shouting from the Parliament’s hall “In jail!”.

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1 Comment
  1. Ben Jager says

    Is Raluca Turcan a frustrated loser? Because she manipulates with the facts. After all, the European elections have nothing to do with the national elections. Apparently she wants to ignore the democratic rules of the game. This way of acting damages the reputation of Romanian politics.
    Incidentally, it is completely unclear why a closed case of 11 years ago against Calin Popescu Tariceanu is reopened.
    The way the Romanian opposition deals with the coalition is not in the interest of Romanian citizens and the prestige and confidence in politics!

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