PSD Senator Liviu Pop… did it again, says FDGR is continuer of Nazis. German President of the Federation of Expellees requests explanations from the Gov’t

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A German official has criticized Liviu Pop’s statements and has called on the Dancila Government for an official viewpoint of the statements made by the PSD Senator Thursday evening, according to which Klaus Iohannis allegedly led an organization that is the ‘continuer’ of a Nazi group.

The statements were made during a talk-show at Antena3 TV private broadcaster, where Liviu Pop (photo 2) spoke about Nazism and claimed that the president “led the German Forum, which was the continuator of the group, about which we know clearly it has been publicly condemned vis-à-vis …,” reports.

Asked repeatedly if he refers to the German Democratic Forum, Liviu Pop answered affirmatively, arguing it’s not him to say it, but ‘others’, and he just reads “on the internet”.

“The German Ethnic Group was a Nazi organisation sentenced for war crimes in Nurnberg. (…) If the German Forum is not the continuator of the German Ethnic Group, I officially expect (clarification – our note) of these things, I have said only what I read on the internet,” Liviu Pop said.

Bernd Fabritius (photo 1), President of the Federation of Expellees (BdV) has reacted on Friday, condemning the PSD Senator’s insinuations and requesting a viewpoint from the Romanian Government.

“A high ranking representative of the governing party in Romania gas insulted, in an unacceptable manner, the German minority’s organisation. (…) For some time, the German minority in Romania is attacked with calumnies and collectively insulted by the pro-Government mass-media in Romania, in order to bring prejudice to the image of President Klaus Iohannis, member of this minority. It is unacceptable that the attacks are continued by high representatives of the Social-Democrat governing party, a firm condemnation is needed! I’ve requested the Romanian Government a point of view,” Berndt Fabritius whote on Facebook on Friday.

He added that recently the Romanian Government has signed in Berlin the bilateral governmental committee protocol for solving the problems of the German minority, to protect the minority against such attacks. “This commitment needs to be confirmed in the cases of such attacks coming from its own lines,” the German President of the Federation of Expellees said.

On Thursday, PSD Senator Liviu Pop has posted a message on Facebook comparing the US, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands with cockroaches. The message is connected to gas extraction and the alleged strategic interests of the mentioned states, along with a picture showing PSD leader, Liviu Dragnea, saying: “Stop, the gas is not leaving Romania for free!”

“The picture seemed very, very interesting. The message was taken over from a social network site. I had no interpretation on the animals in the picture, it was solely the message of Mr. President Iohannis which impressed me,” Liviu Pop said.

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  1. Bryan Davidson says

    “I have said only what I read on the internet,” – Liviu Pop. I doubt he want to investigate beyond the first thing that pop up on google.

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