PSD Senator, Liviu Pop, posts message comparing the US, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands with cockroaches invading Romania

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PSD Senator Liviu Pop has posted on Thursday a message on Facebook comparing the US, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands with cockroaches, reports.

The message is connected to gas extraction and the alleged strategic interests of the mentioned states, along with a picture showing PSD leader, Liviu Dragnea, saying: “Stop, the gas is not leaving Romania for free!”

In this context, the map of Romania is shown as invaded by cockroaches, which are, in the senator’s opinion, the US, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

The Senator said on Thursday that the picture seemed interesting.

“The picture seemed very, very interesting. The message was taken over from a social network site. I had no interpretation on the animals in the picture, it was solely the message of Mr. President Iohannis which impressed me,” Liviu Pop said.

He claims he had no intention to compare the countries with cockroaches.

“God forbid, I compared no one with cockroaches. I believe the message of President Iohannis is erroneous. We can’t compare our partners with animals, in fact we can’t compare anyone with animals. I do not believe a reaction is needed, I repeat, I have no intention and I will have no intention to compare a country with an animal, or a person with an animal. I liked the top of the post, but I could not cut it and be accused of plagiarism and then I had to put it original, keeping the source,” Pop said.

On Wednesday, PSD Senator Nicolae Bacalbasa compared the Diaspora protest on August 10 in Victoriei Square with the conflict in Gaza Strip, triggering the prompt reply from the Israeli Embassy in Bucharest.

PSD deputy Nicolae Bacalbasa told RFI on Wednesday that the gendarmes’ violence overuse during the August 10 protest is „perfectly explainable” from the human point of view, while stating that protesters who filed complaints at the Prosecutor’s Office must be sanctioned.

“The Embassy of Israel took note of the outrageous and false allegations of Deputy Nicolae Bacalbasa. In the name of the Jewish people, we want to get the Romanian politician’s attention that his statements are distorting the situation from the Gaza Strip border in the past months, and we would appreciate if the deputy gets in-depth information before making shocking and wrong comparisons,” the Israeli Embassy in Bucharest reacted.

The Israeli Embassy added that Bacalbasa “is also insulting the peaceful protesters in Victoriei Square through his statements, by associating them with the Hamas terrorists.”

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