PSD stages electoral rally in Targoviste, police shut down tens of streets in the city. Dragnea attacks Iohannis

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Police has shut down 14 streets in Targoviste on Sunday during 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. amid the electoral rally staged by the ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD) in the city.

The local media has reported the city is practically “under siege” due to the increased security measures enforced in the city, while Police has called on citizens to collaborate with the riot police. “Adopt a preventive conduct, observe the guidelines of the riot police in the field. If you notice people with an aggressive behavior near you, back away and report it to the riot police (…) If policemen and gendarmes ask for your ID papers, collaborate with them. Checking is done for your safety”, reads a press release by the Dambovita Police Inspectorate.

Locals from Targoviste complained they cannot go downtown either walking or by car and that access is allowed only to the PSD members and supporters.

On the other hand, the leader of PSD Dambovita organization, former minister Rovana Plumb, now running for a MEP seat, stated that the atmosphere from the scene is not comfortable.

I wasn’t expected that, after 30 years of democracy, when we accepted any opposite opinion and meeting, to come to such a language. There is no atmosphere on the scene that makes you feel good,” Plumb said, accusing the fact that the PSD leaders have been stalked by protesters all over the country in the cities where they staged electoral rallies.

Dragnea resumed criticism against President Iohannis

PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea has slammed President Klaus Iohannis during the rally in Targoviste on Sunday, stating that „he is the most silent Romanian politician, who started to make some noise in order to cover up the sound of the economic growth.” „This man cannot love his country,” the SocDem leader said about the head of state.

Do you think he has something to say, that he has any project for the country? Do you think he has any good thought for Romania? He and his men are making noise to cover up the sound of the economic growth made by the engines of the economy and agriculture, made by the growing pensions and salaries, it is the jangling of the money in the Romanians’ pockets, made by the PSD machine, which has been set in motion”, Dragnea said.

The PSD chair claimed that president Iohannis had promoted „hatred, division and the war among Romanians.”

This man cannot love his country. Why do you think he and his men are speaking up lying figures, even if Romanian and foreign institutions pointed to an over 5 pc economic growth? For they would like Romania to have a hard time”.

The PSD leader also stated there is „an intelligence war” the head of state is fighting with the Social Democrats.  „We are facing today a Securitate-like intelligence war fought by Iohannis. We didn’t want that war, but we are forced to fight it and to win”, Dragnea added.

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