PSD stages rally in Galati, about 10,000 supporters join it. Others 4,000 chanted slogans against the ruling party

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After the rally in Iasi, social-democrat leader Liviu Dragnea has attended on Saturday another rally in Galati and faced the same situation, with supporters below the expected number and protesters chanting anti-PSD slogans.

PSD expected about 30,000 supporters brought by buses from the neighboring counties, but their number did not exceed 11,000-12,000.

Instead, some 4,000 persons booed Liviu Dragnea and chanted anti-PSD slogans. The protest continued even after Liviu Dragnea, PM Viorica Dancila, Dan Nica, Rovana Plumb and Carmen Dan left the site, reports.

In his speech, Dragnea said Klaus Iohannis is the servant of the western leaders who attended the EU summit in Sibiu. He has also complained that “Wherever we go in the country, there is a group of bullies following us”, claiming that in Galati “clubs and stones were found that could have been used by the protesters.

“Iohannis and his people want to rule Romania by clubs,. We have the courage to keep the ruling and win the upcoming elections”, Dragnea said, arguing his party won’t let the country “delivered to some salesmen”.

They are not afraid anymore, saying directly that they want to cut pensions and salaries. For they want Romania to remain a nation full of division, hatred and frustrations”.

Dragnea has attacked the French President Emmanuel Macron and the Dutch PM Mark Rutte. He said the western leaders “lie to us by saying we have problems with the rule of law.” The SocDem chairman said that the European leaders are upset because, after the pay rises in Romania, people start “refusing the pittances” abroad and want to come back home. “They are upset for our villages are more beautiful than the ones in Western Europe”, Dragnea argued. “They are upset for the skilled workers start leaving their countries, for we are building and rehabilitating schools, and modernizing the education and Romanians have the chance to be more educated and compete with foreigners”, he added.

photo: TV capture

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