PSD takes credit for doubling child allowances, accusing PNL of „populism”

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After the Parliament had voted the Liberal Party’s amendment on doubling child allowances despite the ruling Social Democrat Party’s opposition, now the Social Democrats are taking credit for the allowances’ increase, claiming on Friday that Liberals have just had a demagogic purpose when tabling this amendment and that they pointed to a wrong financing source for this measure. PSD argues they will correct the Liberals’ move.

PSD will increase child allowances and will repair the Opposition’s bad actions. In a strictly demagogic action, PNL woke up at the last moment asking for the allowances’ increase. But they did it wrongly, as they don’t understand the laws and economy and they pointed to a wrong source for this rise (…) PSD-ALDE government will make things better and will issue an emergency ordinance to correctly envisage the rise of the child allowances”, reads a PSD Facebook post.

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