PSD takes three major leaders out of business

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The leadership of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) has taken tree major party leaders out of business. Marian Oprisan, the former PSD leader in Vrancea and ex-PM Viorica Dancila have been replaced from the helm of their organizations, while Nicolae Badalau has resigned from the position of leader of PSD Giurgiu.
Social Democratic sources told that PSD chairman Marcel Ciolacu had asked for Oprisan’s resignation for the low score registered in the local elections, but Oprisan would have refused, so the  National Council had sacked him by vote.
Oprisan would have refused to resign, arguing the PSD Vrancea organization had obtained a result similar to the one in the 2016 elections.
Ciolacu would have rejected Oprisan’s explanations and proposed that he was dismissed. Ciolacu will take over the interim leadership of PSD Vrancea branch. Oprisan would now want to run for a MP seat in the general elections in December.
Former PM Viorica Dancila has also been dismissed by vote from the helm of the PSD’s organization for women. Interim leader of the Social Democrat women is Doina Feodorovici.

At the same time,  Niculae Bădălau has resigned from the position of chief of PSD Giurgiu, after he was appointed vice-president of the Audit Authority within the Court of Accounts.

Bădălău’s godson, Marian Mina has taken over the leadership of PSD Giurgiu.

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