PSD threatens with political crisis if Marcel Ciolacu does not become prime minister


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The Social Democratic Party (PSF) threatens that if there is no rotation in the government, the alternative means a political crisis”. The Social Democrats draw the attention of the liberals that they should be aware of the “political benefits of the partnership with the Social Democratic Party. They claim that the discussions related to the government circular create “a false perception of a future political crisis”, which Romania does not need.

“Whoever puts sticks in the wheels will definitely answer both politically and electorally,” PSD transmits through the voice of the party’s  secretary general, Paul Stănescu.

According to the PSD, “the latest obsession born in the public space – whether or not the rotation will take place – risks fueling a false perception of a future political crisis. And Romanians and the business environment do not need extra care. I hope that today there are no politicians who want Romania to return to the mess it was before PSD entered the government. It’s a shame to intoxicate the citizens with talk without substance, when there is a clearly assumed protocol. We have no emotion about the government rotation and to the appointment of Marcel Ciolacu as prime minister”.

The social democrats point out that this protocol and its compliance have ensured “good governance, so far, protection for vulnerable people and economic stability for the business environment”. “I believe that President Klaus Iohannis will not enter into an irresponsible game, in this unstable regional and international context”, claim the social democrats in the message posted on the party’s Facebook page.

He says that Romania is now seen as a pillar of regional stability, “when all our neighbors have big problems: there is a war in Ukraine, in the Republic of Moldova the prime minister has resigned, Bulgaria has not had a government for several months already, Serbia is on the point of entering a new conflict in Kosovo, and Hungary is playing a double game within the EU”, and draw attention to the fact that “a political deadlock in Bucharest would mean plunging the entire region into chaos, only good for the anti-democratic forces that are lurking “. The PSD mentions that it is working on an “optimized governing program, based on what went well in the last year, but also on correcting some errors.”

“I am convinced that the National Liberal Party is aware of the political benefits of the partnership with the Social Democratic Party. We have the intention and the will to provide Romania with a stable government at least in the medium term. And I think that, despite some problems, either related to certain ministers or to some government programs, which we can resolve in the coalition, as before, we will move forward. We need to focus now on the short-term priorities, which are related to the NRDP and payment requests number 2 and 3, and obviously the full achievement of targets and milestones. I think this is what we need to discuss more, not about rotation, which is clearly regulated in a political agreement. Whoever will put sticks in the wheels will definitely answer both politically and electorally”, PSD transmits in the press release signed by Paul Stănescu.

According to government sources, the government rotation by which Marcel Ciolacu would be prime minister from June 1 may be postponed, possibly until the fall.

PSD leaders have promptly fired back, with chairman Marcel Ciolacu refusing such a scenario.

The desire of the liberals would be for Nicolae Ciucă to remain prime minister, and, together with him, the minister of the interior, Lucian Bode, the general secretary of the PNL, whom the president Klaus Iohannis asked to resign in order not to affect the image of the party due to his involvement in the scandal of the plagiarized doctoral thesis. The pretext invoked by the quoted government sources would be a predictable Russian counteroffensive in Ukraine, which would mean that the situation on the front could worsen, and “Romania needs stability”.

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