PSD vows to nominate technocrat PM if Ponta gets President

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While in Alba Iulia on Wednesday, the Social-Democrat Party’s spokesperson Dan Sova unveiled the next premier would not be a PSD member but a technocrat if Victor Ponta won the forthcoming presidential elections. Sova also said there is no favorite person for this position at this moment. “There is no favorite person for the prime minister position, the Coalition has never tackled this issue (…) we’ll see about that if PM Ponta gets the Romania’s President and I hope he will be”, PSD spokesperson said, according to Agerpres.

Sova also pointed out that the way of nominating the premier should be completely revised, so that “the story of the President who is designating the next day a prime minister he dreamt of the other night” cannot be possible anymore. “Once Victor Ponta wins these elections, we have to completely change the paradigm (…) so the president to-be has to designate a premier who is proposed by the parliamentary majority. We cannot go on Basescu’s way anymore. He was that close to name his driver as a prime minister”, Sova stated. “If possible, we need t have an independent, technocrat premier who can entail politicians in the next Cabinet”, Sova explained.

Asked if Calin Popescu Tariceanu could be this person, Sova said he didn’t consider this option. Media rumors pointed to SRI head George Maior as an available prime minister option for PSD and Victor Ponta.






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