PSD’s 7-question list to President Iohannis revealed


After PSD chair Liviu Dragnea announced after the consultations with President Iohannis on the justice laws that he had left the head of state a list of 7 questions for which he would like an answer, the media has released the list.

Dragnea is reproaching to Iohannis the fact that he has summoned the consultations on this judiciary after and not before the adoption of the laws in Parliament.

At the same time, PSD is reproaching to the President that ha has not intervened against the secret protocols between the judiciary bodies and the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI).

The ruling party also considers that President Iohannis has not intervened to restore the confidence in the judiciary system when several magistrates have denounced pressures from the National Anti-corruption Directorate on the judges.

PSD also accuses the head of state of not taking any public stance when documents have been stolen from the SIPA archive.

Social Democrats are asking Klaus Iohannis why “he has not voiced concern” when the emergency ordinance 6/2016 had been adopted.

PSD also wants an explanation on the Romanian President’s insistence in referring two of the three justice laws on the Constitutional Court, accusing him of obstructing the Parliament.

The document ends with a question related to Iohannis’ stance on the signatories of the judiciary-SRI secret protocols, as one of them is still in office.

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