PSD’s Dragnea announces Gov’t reshuffling by early October. Firea, warned about charges against cabinet. Amnesty is not a judicial illusion


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PSD leader, Liviu Dragnea, has announced Sunday evening that there is a possibility for Government reshuffling by early October.

Dragnea has told Antena 3 TV private broadcaster that Prime Minister Viorica Dancila is conducting an assessment of all ministers and PSD will decide which ministers are to be replaced.

“As I’ve agreed with Mrs. Prime Minister and with Mr. Tariceanu (ALDE leader, Senate Speaker – our note) she is to present an assessment of ministers and we, PSD, within a reasonable timeline, we will have discussions with each minister. I believe that by the end of this month, or in early October, this evaluation will conclude with reshuffling,” Liviu Dragnea said.

He declined to name the ministers who are not performing satisfactory, but said he is satisfied with the Premier.

Gabriela Firea should not place herself in line with those attacking the Government

Referring to the attacks from Bucharest Mayor, Gabriela Firea, the PSD chairman said a party member should not stand in line to attack the Government.

Dragnea said he will have a serious discussion in the party, but as far as he is concerned, Firea does not risk being ousted from the party.

He rejected Firea’s accusations that he spied on her.

“I can’t spy on anyone, I don’t have an intelligence service, not me, nor the party or anyone else.” Liviu Dragnea said, adding that charges he is spying supported by people from the Interior Ministry are nonsense.

“This is nonsense. Do you believe the Interior Ministry and its structures would spy on someone to violate the law? I am trying not to respond to personal attacks, as I haven’t done it this week. At the same time, I cannot sit aside and fail to defend my party colleagues, the ministers, the Government. I cannot agree with the accusations against our Government,” Dragnea said.

He denied the Government has blocked the projects involving Bucharest.

“If the non-achievements of the Bucharest City Hall are caused by me, it’s all right, I can bear this, but I do not agree that a party member, regardless of the position, stands in line with those attacking the Government. This is unacceptable. Such issues could have been discussed within the party. A serious discussion will be conducted by the party,” Liviu Dragnea said.

Asked if Gabriela Firea risks being excluded from the party, Dragnea said: “As far as I am concerned – no. The Executive Committee’s position – I don’t know.”

Protests on August 10 – funded from abroad

Liviu Dragnea claims he has information that the rally on August 10 was funded from abroad.

The PSD chairman argued that there is the possibility that next week evidence will be made public about the rally in Victoriei Square, proving that it was funded from abroad.

“There are enough elements regarding a coup d’etat. That was a funded protest, it seems from abroad as well. I am absolutely convinced that next week information about the funding will surface, that it was paramilitary organized, that they wanted to take over the Government offices and constantly provoked the gendarmes,” Dragnea told Antena 3 TV.

He added that the state institutions did nothing wrong on August 10.

The idea regarding amnesty is not a judicial illusion

Liviu Dragnea said the idea regarding amnesty is not a judicial illusion.

“The idea regarding amnesty is not a judicial illusion, let’s be honest. Talks are ongoing publicly for a long time to find a solution to mend the problems generated by the involvement of intelligence services in justice, of prosecutors’ involvement in courts and about the hideous results of the illegal and unconstitutional protocols. For me and for us, as party, the idea regarding amnesty is not judicial illusion,” Dragnea said.

The PSD leader said he has asked the Government to speed up the procedure so that the consequences of protocols are cancelled.

“Those innocent should have the possibility to avoid paying for the witch hunt that took place in Romania, to allow the judges to judge without being terrorized,” Liviu Dragnea said.

Laws on national security to be adopted by this parliamentary session

PSD chairman said Sunday evening that the adoption of these normative acts will make the ‘illegitimate power the intelligence services have and have used, to be cancelled.”

“We want a serious and transparent debate. Not an endless one… I want that this parliamentary session adopts the national security laws, then the package will reach ‘hand mill’ called Iohannis, the challenges to the Constitutional Court, reviews by Parliament. They will leave in one form from the Parliament and I am sure that a large share of the illegitimate power they used illegally, will be cancelled,”Dragnea said.


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