PSD’s Dragnea claims only 25,000 protesters marched in Bucharest on Saturday

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Social-democrat leader Liviu Dragnea said on Monday that official assessments point to about 25,000 protesters marching in Bucharest last Saturday, and not 70,000 as said by the media. Dragnea also said he is not the one to give an answer about what their message is in regard to justice.

“Were they 70,000? I’ve seen the official evaluations, they say 25,000 people were in the street, but this is not important,” Dragnea said.

“I’ve always said I respect any kind of protest, if it stays within the limits of non-violence,” the PSD chair said.

Tens of thousands Romanians took to the streets in Bucharest and other major cities on Saturday evening to march against the ruling coalition, the amendments to the laws of justice, the criminal codes and the tax code.

Protesters came in Bucharest from all over the country: Sibiu, Brasov, Timisoara, Iasi or Constanta. They left for Bucharest early on Sunday by cars, train or even on foot.

The protest ended in front of the Parliament’s building in Constitutiei Square. Digi24 reported that around 60,000 protesters attended the rally in Bucharest, the organizers from the “Corruption kills” civic organisation say there were 70,000.

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