PSD’s Dragnea claims Romania’s GDP is up by 25pc as against 2016. PNL chair Orban: Fictional economic growth

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Chairman of ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea has posted on Facebook Sunday that Romania’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has climbed to RON 949.6 billion in 2018, RON 188.2 bln more than in 2016, which means a 25 per cent rise. “There are the highest increases in Romania’s history two years in a row!#daretobelieve“, he argued.

He also attached two comparative charts, 2018 vs 2016, one with the GDP and one with the budgetary revenues.

Recently back from holiday, Dragnea has also posted a photo on Facebook Friday featuring him, Calin Popescu Tariceanu and several ministers and advisers around a table, with the caption saying “figures on the table. future looks good”. The post has been harshly slammed by the Opposition parties, by citizens and most part of mass media.

In retort to his Sunday’s post, Liberal chairman Ludovic Orban has replied that the PSD chairman presented a “fictional” economic growth, reminding of the RON crash and of the effects of the GEO 114/2018 on fiscal measures.

Dragnea is playing poker with Romania’s budget and is bluffing <figures on the table> (…) Enough with playing figures and come up with the real budget in Parliament with no tricks through which you forged the 2018 budgetary execution that you were already supposed to publicly communicate since Friday,” retorted PNL spokesperson Ionel Danca, who also added that inflation has been up by almost 7% in the past two years.

The Liberal further told Dragnea that if he wanted to talk more “figures on the table”, the Opposition would add up some more figures, reminding the cutting down on pensions.

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