PSD’s Dragnea: I expect from ALDE a decision by the end of the week, to know who with are we talking to. A new party in sight?


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PSD leader Liviu Dragnea said on Wednesday he hopes the tense situation in ALDE will be solved and he expects its leaders to make a statutory decision by the end of the week, saying that for the social-democrats is difficult to talk separately with the two co-chairmen, informs.

“I expressed my hope that they would reach an agreement. I’m not the one to tell one or the other what to do, but I asked them, until the weekend, to try to find a solution or a proposal for a statutory party forum, because we want to understand where to is ALDE heading,” he said.

Asked if there is way to reconciliation between Daniel Constantin and Calin Popescu Tariceanu, given that the meetings on Tuesday with Liviu Dragnea were held separately, the PSD chairman said he ‘hopes so’ because ‘the interest is much higher’.

“I felt very uncomfortable to talk separately, I am not a marriage counsellor,” he added.

Dragnea stressed that the party expects clear decisions on this situation.

A new party set up by Ponta and Constantin?

Liviu Dragnea said he cannot rule out the alternative or the scenario in which former Prime Minister Victor Ponta and ALDE co-chairman Daniel Constantin would become part of a nationalist political party.

Asked to comment on the scenario of a nationalist political party, which would include Daniel Constantin and Victor Ponta, and asked if this could be the reason for breaking ALDE apart, Dragnea said “I cannot exclude this option, but I have information just like you have – in general coming from rumours.”

Dragnea said that on Tuesday he had a meeting with Bogdan Diaconu (PRU leader – our note) at the latter’s request.

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