PSD’s Dragnea presents another suitcase to charge ‘fake’ President Iohannis of failing to register amounts of money in the wealth statement

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PSD Chairman, Liviu Dragnea, has presented on Monday a new ‘suitcase’, saying ironically it was ‘found by one of the Sibiu locals’ who said ‘he had found it in his courtyard’, and presented an investigation launched in 2015 by Rise Project about the house President Klaus Iohannis had lost in court by final decision.

Dragnea has brought the suitcase at the Parliament Palace for a press conference.

He said “it is about the possible criminal activity of President Iohannis, but “these kinds of stories are not usually revealed or they die fast, very strange. I said: I’d take them.” He has also claimed about President Iohannis “he had around 17 criminal files.”

“What we see is a fake president. It’s a fake image, a character made up by cardboard, placed in the show-window by the parallel state,” Dragnea said, charging Iohannis that, although “he had on his name several files, he did not resign, as he requested.”

“As he played the part of Snow-White, he was in fact the delinquent who has climbed on top of the state,” the PSD leader said, adding that he has documents from “Rise Project, a very respectable institution.”

It is the second time Liviu Dragnea comes with a ‘suitcase’ in front of the journalists, following the disclosures from Rise Project last week, part of a series of investigations started, as the website claims, after receiving a suitcase with documents that belonged to Tel Drum.

Dragnea said on Monday that Iohannis failed to register in his wealth statement the amounts from the contract signed with a commercial bank, which had paid the rent in advance for three years” while “the prosecutors protected him.”

“I believe that in the coming period other information about the president will come out, proven by the civil courts to have committed some offenses,” Dragnea said, with the promise to reveal a third suitcase next week.



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