PSD’s Dragnea reacts to the letter signed by some party leaders: I understand we should join Iohannis, SRI, SPP, DNA


Social-democrat chairman, Liviu Dragnea, has reacted on Wednesday to the letter signed by some party leaders requesting his resignation, which was made public, by saying he now understands their main concern: not to fight against President Iohannis, reports.

The PSD leader has said, with irony, that has understood the main concern expressed by the letter: “We should not fight against Iohannis. In fact, we should join Iohannis, SRI, SPP, DNA and the opposition parties. As chairman, I cannot and will not lead the party to become a tool of these institutions which should not get involved in politics.”

Asked if he would do what the letter requests, to resign, the PSD leader said: “I will read the whole letter.”

About the fact, mentioned by the letter, that his popularity is down to 7-12%, much below the party’s, Dragnea has also said, with irony: “It’s true, I am already on the minus.”

Refusing to answer further questions, Dragnea told the journalists he will talk after the Executive Committee.

“At the Executive Committee, I will speak a lot, hard. We’ll talk after the sitting. I really want to speak within the party and then with the press,” PSD chairman said.

The PSD Executive Committee members have decided on Wednesday to summon a new sitting, following the open letter signed by some leaders of the party, requesting Liviu Dragnea’s resignation from the top position and from the office of Chamber of Deputies Speaker. The Executive Committee sitting is scheduled on Friday, September 21, the PSD press bureau informs.

More than 25 PSD leaders, members of the Executive Committee, have signed a letter requesting chairman Liviu Dragnea to step down.


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