PSD’s Dragnea says procedures to adopt Criminal Codes need speed, Parliamentary extraordinary session in sight. GEO, ruled out


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Chamber of Deputies Speaker and PSD leader, Liviu Dragnea, believes ‘procedures must be accelerated’ to adopt the Criminal Codes, however, he rejected the idea that the Government issues an emergency ordinance in this regard.

Asked if this procedure is ruled out, Dragnea answered ‘yes’, reports.

“I know exactly what I said Friday evening. We were there, all of us, I said and say it now, that the procedures must be sped up, as delays are very high. We will summon an extraordinary session, nevertheless we cannot have an extraordinary session all summer long. So, I will ask today, me and Mr. Tariceanu, we shall ask the special parliamentary committee (so-called Iordache committee – our note) to conclude the Criminal Code and get to the final vote, so that the bill goes on the usual path,” the PSD leader said.

Dragnea argued on Friday that in Parliament there are no longer normal procedures, of debates and promulgation, as any law is challenged, sent for review, aiming to avoid entering it into force. “They aim at toppling the Government and the parliamentary majority,” Dragnea had said three days ago, when announcing he would not resign from the office of Chamber Speaker, nor from the PSD’s helm.

The statement comes hours after Senate Speaker and ALDE leader, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, said that he rules out the option of a possible Government Emergency Ordinance to amend the Criminal Codes. Tariceanu said the parliamentary path should be continued and that the assuming of responsibility by the Government for amending the criminal law would not take place either.

UDMR has also ruled out adopting the amendments by emergency ordinance. UDMR Senator, Cseke Attila, has said on Monday that the party does not support the amendment of the Criminal Codes by emergency ordinance, noting that these important legislative projects must be passed by Parliament. Asked if the assuming of responsibility would be an acceptable option for UDMR, he reiterated that this field should remain the prerogative of Parliament.

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