Putin-Macron new phone talk: ‘You’re lying to yourself’, French president tells the Russian one


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The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, had another phone talk with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, this time an one-and-a-half-hour discussion, with Putin voicing his determination to continue the offensive in Ukraine. Macron said that, in his view, “the worst is now coming” in Ukraine and that Putin’s aim is to “take control” of the entire country.

The Kremlin leader told the French president that the Russian operation was being carried out “according to Moscow’s plan” and would “worsen” if the Ukrainians did not accept his terms, the French presidency was quoted as saying by Le Figaro.

The president’s prediction is that what is worse now is what President Putin told him,” the source said.

French President Emmanuel Macron reportedly told Vladimir Putin that he had made a “major mistake” in Ukraine, that he was wrong about the Kyiv government and that the war would cost Russia dearly in the long run, a French official was quoted as saying by The Guardian.

In the phone call initiated by Putin, the Russian leader reiterated his determination to obtain the disarmament of Ukraine, either through diplomacy or through weapons.

“There was nothing in President Putin’s words that could reassure us,” the French presidential adviser said, adding that Putin had reiterated his thesis that he was pursuing the “de-Nazification of Ukraine.”

Your lying to yourself. It will cost your country dearly, your country will become isolated, weakened and under sanctions for a very long time “, Macron would have told Putin, according to the quoted official.

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