Putin’s policy is not fitting in with the cohabitation concept of the 21st century, Romanian president says

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Our NATO membership “is extremely valuable”, but “we have to be ready to defend our country for ourselves” by way of exception, president Klaus Iohannis said in an interview granted to ‘Profil’ Austrian magazine. Asked if he is worried of the Ukrainian war, considering that Russian President Vladimir Putin said a few months ago that the Russian army could come to Bucharest in two days, Iohannis said that Putin’s policy is not fitting in with the Europe’s cohabitation concept in the 21st century. “I have thought for years that the war issue in Europe has been settled. But, unfortunately, this thing is history now.”

The President reminded that a political consensus was reached regarding the 2 percent of GDP being allotted to the Army by 2017.

When the journalist remarked that it is a huge sum of money and Romania might urgently need money for other sectors, Klaus Iohannis replied: “There is no other way. When you are located by an armed conflict whose result is not sure, you cannot just stay and watch. NATO membership is very valuable, but in some exceptional situation, we hope it is not going to happen, we have to be ready to defend our country by ourselves. And we need to have a well prepared and equipped country for that.”

Questioned if Republic of Moldova signing the EU’S Association Agreement won’t lead to exacerbation of Russia’s actions regarding Transdniester, the Romanian head of state answered that over 50 percent of the citizens of R. Moldova have voted the pro-European parties, and that Transdniester is “a frozen conflict, but which can be solved.”

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