R. of Moldova crisis: Romanian Foreign Ministry does not formally recognize the Gov’t of Maia Sandu

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Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu said on Monday that Romania does not formally recognize the new Government in Chisinau, as it does not exist.

Asked by journalists if the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MFA-MAE, out note) formally recognized the Maia Sandu Government, as did the European Union and Russia, Melescanu said ‘no’, ziare.com reports.

“There is no formal recognition of a government, only of a state. We are concerned by the fact that there is an explosive situation and we want to stress that means should be found to overcome this situation. When things get mangled, the solution is to turn back to the electorate. Early elections on September 6 would not be a huge problem,” Melescanu said during a press conference.

The FM added that the Romanian Ambassador in Chisinau has had a meeting with President Igor Dodon, together with the other heads of diplomatic missions. Melescanu said Dodon spoke for 15 minutes and then showed the ambassadors out. Melescanu said he has requested the ambassador to have a meeting with the PDM leader, Vlad Plahotniuc.

Early elections have been decided by PM Pavel Filip, close to Plahotniuc, who has been designated as interim President by the Constitutional Court of Moldova (CCM). On Sunday Filip signed, as interim President, the decision for early elections on September 6.

Asked about the weak position expressed about the developments in the neighbouring country, Melescanu said Romania’s position as state holding the presidency of the Council of the European Union has prevailed.

“We, Romania, as state holding the presidency of the Council of the European Union, have called on all political forces to respect the democratic process. It was an urge for calm and restraint but also to dialogue,” the Foreign Minister said.

Two governments in Chisinau, two sittings

Political uncertainty is deepening in Republic of Moldova. The Maia Sandu cabinet has been invested in Monday, following the agreement of ACUM with the Socialists and formally recognized by the European Union, but declared illegitimate by CCM. The Government sitting took place at the Parliament.

In turn, a sitting of the Pavel Filip (photo 2) cabinet took place at the Government offices.

In the meantime, Publika TV station presented footage with suspended President Igor Dodon admitting taking money from Russia to finance his party.

The ‘Official Gazette’ in Chisinau published on Monday the decree signed by interim President Pavel Filip to dissolve Parliament and to set the date of early elections on September 6. The Official Gazette did not publish the decrees signed by President Igor Dodon, investing the new cabinet head by Maia Sandu, ‘Ziarul de Garda’ informs.

The CCM has suspended President Igor Dodon on Sunday and approved the dissolution of Parliament.

The decision was made as he ignored the institution’s decisions and did not dissolve the Parliament, although the Parliament had not elected a government in the time stipulated by the law. Saturday evening, the legislature voted a new prime minister, Maia Sandu, a new Executive and a resolution declaring the Republic of Moldova a “captured state”. However, Constitutional Court of Moldova has invalidated this government.

Thousands of people attended on Sunday a large-scale rally in the Great National Assembly Square in Chisinau, the capital of R. of Moldova, requesting the observing of the decisions of the Constitutional Court and calling for early parliamentary and presidential elections.

President Klaus Iohannis has addressed on Sunday a message to all political forces in the Republic of Moldova for respect of democracy and the rule of law.

The Romanian Government has also called on all political forces in the Republic of Moldova to respect the democratic process and the will of the citizens expressed through the vote in the February 2019 elections.

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