Reactions after President’s announcement on the referendum’s topics

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Former president of the Constitutional Court Augustin Zegrean said that both topics proposed by President Iohannis for the referendum would require the amendment of the Constitution and that would mean another referendum with no consequences, that would only help from a moral standpoint.

As the Constitution stands today, you cannot restrict the right of the Parliament to adopt laws on amnesty and pardon. And the referendum is precisely on that, it asks the people if they agree with no GEO on amnesty and pardon. The Constitution is not distinguishing between amnesty and pardon for corruption and amnesty on other topics,” Zegrean explained.

Social Democrats announced that they do not oppose any of the topics announced by the head of state regarding the referendum, adding that they “will never accept that Romania should be attacked from outside due to fake issues on judiciary”.

“As it previously announced, PSD will not make any official comments on the questions to be asked at the referendum until they are submitted. PSD will not oppose in any way the referendum proposed by Iohannis, but it will never accept the decrease or abolition of the minimum wage or to stop the pay rises enshrined in the ruling programme, as the opposition parties would like”, reads a press release.

The National Liberal Party (PNL) has hailed President Iohannis’ decision to call on a referendum on justice on the same date as the ballot for EP, chairman Ludovic Orban said on Thursday. He said the two topics announced by the president are essential for the evolution of the Romanian society.

The President’ initiative is welcomed by initiating this referendum to stop once and for all the attempts of those who have been robbing Romania for the past years to get away with the long arm of the law”, Orban said.

The Liberal leader asked “every Romanian who is tired of PSD, who is tired of being led by thieves (…) to come to polls and vote the proposals initiated by the Romanian President”.

In his turn, UDMR president Kelemen Hunor propose the total abolition of the emergency ordinances on judiciary and on the other fields, claiming that his stance is even more severe and stricter than the one of President Iohannis.

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