Reactions to Dragnea’s statement on assassination attempt: He acts like Nicolas Maduro, believes he is Ceausescu

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Liberal MEP, Siegfried Muresan, says Liviu Dragnea is acting just like the Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro, who framed-up ‘an assassination’ attempt in order to start repression against the opposition.

“Mr. Dragnea says that last year an assassination attempt against him took place. This parabola looks perfectly alike the lie coming from Venezuelan dictator, Nicolas Maduro, who, on August 4, framed-up an ‘assassination’ attempt against himself, using this pretext to start repressions against the opposition. Lots of journalists were arrested after the incident in order to put an end to objective reports. He had claimed the alleged attackers were offered USD 50 million and US citizenship.  Furthermore, the dictator said it was ‘an attempt to topple’ by violence the Government. We’ve heard this also in the propaganda carried out by Dragnea’s government,” Muresan wrote on Facebook.

The Liberal argues that actually, the social-democrats leading the Government behave like Latin-American dictators.  “I want Romania to be a European country, where thieves are behind bars and honest and competent people lead the country,” he added.

PNL’s Alina Gorghiu: Statement of a defective man

Former PNL chairman, Alina Gorghiu, said on Wednesday, while in Timisoara, that Dragnea’s statement is one of a ‘defective man’.

“The part where he speaks about a so-called assassination attempt is a statement of a defective man, ridiculous. A man ruled by paranoia specific to authoritarian leaders in other countries. It is a difficult situation for Romania, because the man making such statements is the one ruling the Government de facto. He is the chairman of the main governing party, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies. Nobody can take him seriously, I believe no one can give credit to his delirium,” Alina Gorghiu said, informs.

The Liberal Senator requested Dragnea to say when and where he filed the criminal complaint and stressed these will reveal he is indeed lying.

“I anticipate the second episode: next week he will go to the same TV broadcaster and will inform us that, early this year, perhaps in spring, the aliens abducted him and he fought for three days with a green and sticky man, paid by Mr. Trump, but he finally escaped. Then we would wonder if it is true or not. Now we can ask the Prosecutor’s Office,” Gorghiu said.

PMP’s Eugen Tomac: Dragnea believes he is Ceausescu

The People’s Movement Party (PMP) leader, Eugen Tomac, wrote on Wednesday, on Facebook, that Liviu Dragnea has lost contact with reality and believes he is Ceausescu.

“Liviu Dragnea believes he is Ceausescu. Ceausescu tried to fight the ‘foreign intelligence services’, whereas Dragnea believes he is targeted by ‘one well known man worldwide’. The scenario is replayed. It’s already building up a monstrous coalition of world celebrities to topple or even eliminate the well known Liviu Dragnea from Teleorman. It seems the man knowing the absolute truth, the third man in the state and chairman of the governing party, has lost contact with reality and, in despair, leaves his imagination go wild to convince others that nothing good can happen to Romania without him. The truth is that, like Nicolae Ceausescu, Liviu Dragnea needs no help to self-remove himself from Romanian politics,” the PMP leader wrote.


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